Welcome to Emeritus Property Management the retirement home rental specialist. 

Emeritus has been operating in France since 2010 and specialise in helping retired people from across the world enjoy the beauty of France whilst not having the headache of home ownership. 

You can check out our client website to get a better understanding of what we do. https://www.retirementvillagesfrance.com/

Emeritus was developed to support home owners in Normandy. We have learned over the last 11 years that things are not always straight forward and been a home owner in Normandy can be quite stressful at times. 

Our model is very simple we are a property management company that focuses on long term rentals for retired people. We specifically promote to the retirement market and help and advise retired people from across the globe to retire in France. There are millions of retired people living in different countries who could simply rent their homes out and move to France. By renting and not owning they don't need to worry about maintenance, paying bills, managing issues or tradesmen. They simply get on with their hobbies and enjoying their retirement. We don't manage gites or holiday lets. 


People have bought homes in France for a variety of reasons; a dream, second home, long term retirement plan, investment etc. But plans change over time; divorce, bereavement, Brexit, work, or just fell out of love with the dream. Foreigners live in France on average for 8 years before returning to their original home. They now have a home costing money, repairs, holiday rental stress, for sale, gardens/driveways needing maintenance.  Renting your property off full time for a period of years whilst things change gives you income, covers costs, removes hassle and stress. Remember though,one day you could De-rent the property and move back in when circumstances change again.

We provide a full service from finding the client to arranging leases, qualification checks, property checks, problem management, maintenance and terminations. 


We know the Normandy market very well and believe in offering a cost effective service for managing your property. We believe in transparency and a no nonsense approach. Please take a look at what we do and our services. You should also take a look at some of the properties we manage.